We get our first bull.

Last fall we got our first herd sire from DCCI out of Ohio. Our herd has grown beyond our humble 2 heifer beginning where we could give each cow special attention and trips to get AI’d as needed.  We still plan to use AI’ing in our herd development but see a huge value in having a quality herd sire that we can use on the majority of our herd and as a cover bull for our AI cows.  After talking with Darol Dickinson about several bulls and debating what would be best for our herd, we landed on a young bull named Hurricane (aka Prairie Dust due to a records mix up).


Hurricane has everything that we were looking for with his traditional genetic ties going back to Don Quixote, while exhibiting all the qualities of the modern improved longhorn.  His black and white color is a great match for our existing herd that is filled with most white, red, and brown.  A part of him that stands out is the amount of horn he has for a black and white bull.  His horn is low and flat with rapid growth that we look for in our animals.  His quality really shines through in his thick trim body from head to toe.

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He has great thickness in his hind end and a flat correct back.  DSC_0008His front shoulder exhibits the desirable thickness that will bring big boned strong calves in the coming years.



He is a huge step up in genetics that will take our herd to the next level.

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Not to mention that this animal took the #1 spot in our herd for being the most tame and easy going disposition.  My wife had her doubts, but she is still a little beside herself in trying to figure out how it can be that a bull be so tame.

View More: http://leenphotographybycolleenodom.pass.us/cows

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