Name: Hurricane

Saddlehorn x Play The Raffle

Tip to Tip: 66.5″ (5/21/2021)

Weight: 848 lbs (6/29/2018)

Price: $2,700

Category: Herd Sire

DOB: 3/30/2017

TLBAA #: BAI96849

ITLA#: 278758

DNA Markers/Parent Verified: Yes/No (missing dam DNA)

Owner: CalLeen Cattle Co.

Breeder: Dickinson Cattle Co.


C3 Lieutenant Dan
C3 Nugget
C3 Revolver
2021 Hurricane x BCC High Jinks Heifer
C3 Sweet Grass
C3 Boulder
C3 Gillette
2021 Hurricane x Darkened Drag Heifer
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