Moving Time.

Our family recently relocated from OK to WY for a new adventure.  This has resulted in our cows being temporarily relocated to MT where they are adapting to wide open skies and a little cooler temperatures.  This move will be temporary, and we will eventually end up back in Oklahoma at our ranch in 2-3 years.  The move was a learning experience, and we are looking forward to raising longhorns in a different market while trying to help promote the breed.

It takes a few minutes to get the cows rounded up.  I don’t know who had the brilliant idea of vaccinating the whole herd the day before…


The move consisted of a large semi-trailer that was able to conveniently load like a typical goose neck trailer.



Couple by couple we got the cows comfortably packed in where they would spend the next few days crossing the country.

Moving Maps.PNG

After getting their fill of road time for the year, the cows were more than ready to hop off the trailer where they found snow and brown grass.

Our in laws and the kids thought it was pretty cool to see them arrive in their new home.


Over the next month, they settled in nicely.

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I was worried about losing an animal or having a major issue, but the worst side effects from the move were realized by our cow Sunflower.  A couple weeks after arriving in MT, a spring blizzard hit, and it hit Sunflower’s ears especially hard.

ColleenOdomPhoto6K7A3466.jpg Thankfully, she was the only one to have any adverse effects from the move, and she will live on to tell the tale of her beauty marks another day.  We are excited to see our herd evolve and adapt to their new home.  Over the next few years, they will just have to enjoy their new view and get used to the weather.


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