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Sales are by private treaty with the details to be arranged between the buyer and seller. Calves will be exchanged at weaning time (4-6 months after birth) and can be held by a 50% down payment. All breeding animals at CalLeen Cattle Company have DNA samples collected and will be registered to the new owner upon sale. Willing to consider discounting for package offers on multiple animals. We have tried to imagine some potential combinations, but are flexible to what the buyer is looking for. We also entertain serious offers on cattle that are not listed on the sale page. We enjoy delivering the animals for free if they are within a couple hour drive, and we can deliver for a reasonable fee if arrangements need to be made for longer distances.

C3 Bow Tie

Price: $600
Hurricane x Tibb Play
Category: Steer Calf
DOB: 03/17/2022

Comments: Our first calf of 2022! He has a gentle heart already! He even lets me come up to him in the pasture for a head scratch! Available now.

C3 Lightbulb

Price: $600
Hurricane x C3 Rixy Pebbles
Category: Steer Calf
DOB: 05/9/2022

Comments: Available now.


Price: $450
Hurricane x Mobe
Category: Steer Calf

Comments: Available Now! Weighed 432 lbs on 8/28/22 and his tip to tip is 25.25 inches. Black and White + Black and White = Black and White…at least this time. 🙂

C3 Tuss

Price: $400
Hurricane x Toss
Category: Steer Calf

Comments: Available Now! Weighed 394 lbs on 8/28/22 and his tip to tip is 22.5 inches. He is a tall steer that has great potential for being a big trophy steer!


Price: $1900
Time Line Handy Vavra
Category: Cow

Comments: Dotty has great lateral horn growth and her first calf was a great black and white heifer. Because of the hot/dry summer to reduce our herd we are offering her at a discount. Sells exposed to our new herd sire Tuff Lee.

C3 Sprite

Price: $1750
 Hurricane x C3 Rixy Pebbles
Category: Heifer
DOB: 7/20/2020

Comments: Sprite is DNA parent verified and showed great beef scores. She gets more roan every time we see her. We have two other heifers from her Dam and are needing to let go of some of our girls. You are in luck! Sells exposed to our new herd sire Tuff Lee.

C3 Sparkles

Price: $1500
 Hurricane x BCC High Jinks
Category: Yearling Heifer
DOB: 4/25/2021

Comments: Sparkles is DNA parent verified. She is a colorful, friendly beauty! Sparkles is a definite favorite and will be hard to watch her leave our herd, but we know she would make a great addition to anyones pasture or front yard! 🙂 Unexposed.

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