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Sales are by private treaty with the details to be arranged between the buyer and seller. Calves will be exchanged at weaning time (4-6 months after birth) and can be held by a 50% down payment. All breeding animals at CalLeen Cattle Company have DNA samples collected and will be registered to the new owner upon sale. Willing to consider discounting for package offers on multiple animals. We have tried to imagine some potential combinations, but are flexible to what the buyer is looking for. We also entertain serious offers on cattle that are not listed on the sale page. We enjoy delivering the animals for free if they are within a couple hour drive, and we can deliver for a reasonable fee if arrangements need to be made for longer distances.


Price: $3,500
Saddlehorn x Play the Raffle
Category: Herd Sire: 2019 & 2020 Breeding Seasons
DOB: 3/30/2017

Comments: Used as our cover bull the last 2 years. He is an great expression of fast low lateral horn in a thick black and white genetic package. We have been extremely pleased with the calves born in 2020. He has had a high percentage of thick black and white calves. He has been our AI insurance policy to make sure our herd is continuing to progress forward with improved genetics.


Price: $1,500
Time Line x Toss
Category: Bull Calf
DOB: 6/12/2020

Comments: Another genetic package straight from Ohio. Extreme horn is almost a certainty here, and we can only hope to see the red brindle up like his momma.

C3 Boulder

Price: $1,400
Hurricane x Kola
Category: Bull Calf
DOB: 7/21/2020

Comments: Big framed calf stamped out looking just like his mother. I really like the size and will be looking at the horn buds and color development over the coming months.


Price: $1,000
Drop Box x Darkened Drag
Category: Steer Calf
DOB: 5/14/2020

Comments: Big horn, big frame, and big potential when your grandpa is the widest horned bull in the world. He is starting to slick off pitch black.

C3 Revolver

Price: $1,250 (SALE PENDING)
Hurricane x Sittin Pretty
Category: Bull Calf
DOB: 7/19/2020

Comments: This calf is very flashy with his white and red paired with a lacy face.


Price: $1,000 (SALE PENDING)
D/O Sundance x D/O Sittin Sun
Category: Cow (AI’d to Tuxedo June 2020, Hurricane exposed starting July 2020)
DOB: 10/29/2014

Comments: Our sweet Sunflower cow is a good instant producer for your herd. Poor girl has some freeze damage from her first winter in Montana (2018), and then lost her bull calf this year in a bad April storm. Nothing wrong with the genetics here, just a rough go, but that’s where the value is.


Price:$1,000 (SALE PENDING)
Will Be Respected x Out of Your League
Category: Heifer (AI’d to Tuxedo June 2020, Hurricane exposed starting July 2020)
DOB: 9/17/18

Comments: She has put on some horn over the last year and will be ready to give you a calf in 2021. Great value heifer that would make for a starter herd package with one of our young bull calves for sale.

C3 Thoeny

Price: $600 (SALE PENDING)
Drag Iron x BCC High Jinks
Category: Heifer
DOB: 10/25/2018

Comments: Strong pedigree. I little long legged to be breeding in our registered herd. I have always had a soft spot for Thoeny since nursing her back to health after finder her down with scours in the pasture when she was 1 month old. She has a beautiful hide, would make a good pet, and is exposed to produce a calf in 2021.

Highway Man

Price: $2,200 (SOLD – THANKS MWofSD)
Iron Span x Tibb Play
Category: Bull Calf
DOB: 3/30/2020

Comments: A well balanced potential herd sire. The pedigree speaks for itself. We will be looking at this one to retain as our own potential herd sire, but we wanted to make it available for purchase too.

GD Sittin’ Pretty

Price:$1,000 (SOLD – THANKS MWofSD)
Sittin Bull x BL Pretty Girl
Category: 3 year old Heifer
DOB: 3/21/17

Comments: Great total horn growth & composition.

C3 Nugget

Hurricane x C3 Ruby Red Iron
Category: Steer Calf
DOB: 5/14/2020

Comments: X marks the spot on this one. Looking for some low rolling horn and some major tip to tip measurements.

C3 Sonic

Price: $1,250 (SOLD – THANKS C&KSofMT)
Hurricane x BCC High Jinks
Category: Bull Calf
DOB: 4/19/2020

Comments: Jinks never disappoints on color. Expecting a giant leap forward with the pairing we put together. This thick calf might be your ticket if you are looking for a black and white herd sire.


Price: $1,200 (SOLD – THANKS C&KSofMT)
Category: Cow (AI’d to Tuxedo June 2020, Hurricane exposed starting July 2020)
DOB: 5/24/2017

Comments: This new momma is really growing on me, but we need to trim back our herd size. We will look to retain her heifer calf to keep her bloodline. I have been blown away by Sugar Cane’s lateral horn growth. This is a great opportunity to package with a bull calf for a starter herd.

C3 Lieutenant Dan

Price: $1,500 (SALE PENDING)
Hurricane x Dainty Dancer
Category: Bull Calf
DOB: 4/6/2020

Comments: Our first Hurricane calf, and we couldn’t be happier. Hurricane has handed down his improved black and white genetics to all of his calves so far!

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