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2021 Update

We are almost half way though 2021…WHAT! Here is a update on what the year has been like so far…. The cows arrived back in Oklahoma! January: We fenced and the cows arrived! February: We fenced and had a unusual snow/cold storm for our… Continue Reading “2021 Update”

2020 in Review

Here is a little 2020 year in review with photos. We added (+kept) a few …. and sold some: I took lots of photos :)… And got lots of family time … We are thankful for 2020 (and all who have helped us)…..and are… Continue Reading “2020 in Review”

2020 AI Breeding

Calving Season – Halfway

Calving & Snow

Our 2020 calving season officially started 3/30/2020! Here are a few pictures from a couple weeks ago when we were just getting started. We had mild/comfortable temps, but then an Easter storm came in. Although the cows didn’t enjoy it, this photographer did a… Continue Reading “Calving & Snow”

Coming Soon!!!

We pulled the trigger on upgrading our herd genetics. Thanks to Darol Dickinson at DCCI we will be adding some unique longhorn color variations with major horn genetics to our herd. This will be stepping up our herd to consistently produce cattle in the… Continue Reading “Coming Soon!!!”

Kori and the newest calf “Pepsi”

We have gotten a picture of our daughter with a calf each year and this year we didn’t get one right when the calf was born so it was a little more of an adventure. Kori loved trying to sneak up on Pepsi and… Continue Reading “Kori and the newest calf “Pepsi””

Montana Longhorns

Just a little picture update on our herd in MT. They are enjoying the views and as always the cake visits!

Moving Time.

Our family recently relocated from OK to WY for a new adventure.ย  This has resulted in our cows being temporarily relocated to MT where they are adapting to wide open skies and a little cooler temperatures.ย  This move will be temporary, and we will… Continue Reading “Moving Time.”

We get our first bull.

Last fall we got our first herd sire from DCCI out of Ohio. Our herd has grown beyond our humble 2 heifer beginning where we could give each cow special attention and trips to get AI’d as needed.ย  We still plan to use AI’ing… Continue Reading “We get our first bull.”