2022 Calves

Here’s a look back at our 2022 calves. We evened out the oversupply of bulls from years before with having 6 heifers and 3 steers in 2022. They all are much bigger now, but we always enjoy the baby pictures! 🙂

We have both heifers and steers available- see our sale pen page, or contact us for more information.

Second half of 2021

Usually you review the previous year in January, but better late than never! 🙂

May: We enjoyed a trip to Texas for the Millennium Futurity- Calvin and his grandpa picked out two great heifers that we brought home. -A great memory for everyone!

June: Got the tractor… then the pickup stuck. Enjoyed the water a few times to staying cool and purchased a fixer upper next to our property.

July: Our daughter broke her leg on a family bike ride, so unfortunately most of this month was spent at home while she was stuck inside, but did make some progress cleaning up our fixer upper property.

August: Sold our herd sire Hurricane- bittersweet

September: Trenched some water/power lines/ branded calves

October: Lots of work on our fixer upper

November: Preg Tested / Lots of work on our fixer upper

December: AI’d a few late calvers/heifers

Here’s the fun part….photo dump from Summer/Fall/ “Winter” of 2021. I added in some phone pictures this time too.

Scroll to the bottom for a fun video… These are the days! <3

Wishing you a great 2022!

2021 Update

We are almost half way though 2021…WHAT! Here is a update on what the year has been like so far….

The cows arrived back in Oklahoma!

January: We fenced and the cows arrived!

February: We fenced and had a unusual snow/cold storm for our area.

March: We fenced and welcomed our first 2021 calf and first successful AI!

April: We fenced and welcomed more calves and green grass!

May: Still fencing and enjoying the calves, sunshine and rain!

The fencing will more than likely not end here…. 🙂

2020 in Review

Here is a little 2020 year in review with photos.

We added (+kept) a few ….