Missing Winter

Update Posted: 4/15/17


Its officially not winter in Oklahoma anymore.  The days are starting to regularly hit 80 degrees, the trees are all full of leaves, and the cows are getting their slick summer coats.  For us, summer always comes too fast, and we will soon be dreaming of the Montana summers back home.  Last year’s heifer calves were born in the summer and are sure growing fast, coming up on being 1 year old.  We AI’d to Drag Iron again this year.  High Jinks took, but Kola required a second try and will hopefully preg check positive in the next couple months.  High Jinks will be due October 11, and if Kola took, we will be looking at having a New Year’s baby (12/29 due date).  Kori, our daughter, loves feeding and watching the animals every evening.  Its amazing to think that 1 year ago we had no idea the joys (and challenges) that the three below would bless us with.


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