Bye Bye Mill Iron Man

Update Posted: 3/11/18

We sold our first calf this week!   It was exciting, challenging, and even a little bit emotional.  Most people remember their first pay check or dollar they made, a symbol of their hard work and bookmark for a new chapter of their life.  Our first longhorn sale has brought a similar excitement.  We are navigating our way to building a business and slowly seeing our visions become realities.   On the other hand, the last couple of weeks exposed me to the most difficulty I have had weaning a calf.  Mill Iron Man was a skilled escape artist, and I probably need to work on tightening up the corral.  Every night that I tried to separate him from his mom, he would end up beside her by sunrise the next morning.  He somehow shimmied a gate off of the hinges two of the nights, and another night, he unchained the gate. If I would have only known, his name would have been Houdini.  Beside his escaping abilities, he was the easiest calf I have had to get started on a halter.  Either very intelligent or he had a true passion for cubes “cake” which made him easy to train.  It is probably a good thing to be selling quality animals that make you second guess yourself as you see them go, but we will definitely miss his spunky sprints around our pasture.  Thank you to Behrens Farms, and we wish them best with their new addition.

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